jorge garcia herranz
jorge garcia herranz

This Spanish-born pianist began his musical studies in Madrid, where he learned to love Spanish composers such as Albéniz, Granados and Falla whose music he regularly includes in his concerts.  He has also developed a keen interest for Spanish popular music which eventually led him to discover popular music from around the world.  Indeed, he has been working for the last fifteen years on various tango projects and has recently released a CD featuring Astor Piazzolla's music.


In his 20s he  moved to Paris to continue his musical studies and to take advantage of the city's vibrant cultural life.  Since then, Paris has been the scene for many of his musical projects such as the series of the complete Beethoven sonatas for piano as well as Beethoven's ten sonatas and all of Mozart's sonatas for violin and piano.  Jorge enjoys performing entire series and has also presented a series of seven Chopin recitals and is currently working on a series of Schubert sonatas.  He is part-way through his greatest project which is to perform all of Bach's music for clavier.


Improvising and drawing upon his knowledge of diverse musical genres is a great pleasure for him.  He often accompanies silent movies working to find the musical style of each film.  He has set music to some of the greatest silent movies such as Metropolis, Nosferatu and Faust.


Jorge's experience as an accompanist at the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud makes him an ideal partner for chamber music who is greatly appreciated for his sensitive ear, musical knowledge and large repertory.



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